Library Facility

Library is the journal of the Bibliographical society. our college library is a vast area with reading hall situated in the ground floor. It has more than 5000 Books current periodical and magazines. Student can come to the library during their intervals and lunch time. They could read the books in the reading hall and take down the notes .Kalaimagal college staff and students are eligible to get the books from the library and return it within 15days.

Library incharge Mr.M.PAULRAJ says it took him two months to segregate, arrange , label and display the entire collection of books.

" It was like a treasure hunt and we kept unravelling room after room ,bundle after bundle and we still have more work to do "

B.A (Tamil) 317
B.A (English) 518
B.A (History) 126
B.Sc (Physics) 157
B.Sc (Maths) 268
B.Sc (Chemistry) 74
B.Sc (Botany) 4
B.Sc (Zoology) 9
B.Sc (Computer science) 318
B.Com & B.Com(C.A) 436
B.BA (Business Administration ) 443
Vivekanandhar books 9
Total department of Books 2629
Reference books 122
Journals 77
Magazines 46
News Papers 4
CDs/DVDs 15
Popular Courses

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Modern Library

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Qualified Teacher

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