Sports Facility

All the physical facilities for sports and games are available.

Well-developed facilities are available for the following games:

Name of the Game Area/Size (in Meters)
Boxing 6.10 x 6.10 mts
Standard Volley Ball Court (1 nos) with fencing 18 x 9 mts
Ball Badminton Court (1 Court) 24 x 12 mts
Cricket (Net Practice) 22.56 mts
Badminton Court(1 Court) 13.40 x 6.10 mts
Kho-Kho Field (1 court) 29 x 16 mts
Kabaddi Court (1 court) 13 x 10 mts
200 Mts Track 95 x 40 mts
Long Jump ( pit) 155 x 3 mts
Shot Put sector marking 1.067 mts
Discuss Through sector marking 1.25mts

The sports activities are carried out under the supervision and guidance of physical director.

  • This network connects together all the computers spread over the college campus.
  • The network utilizes a mixture of 80211g wireless technology and coaxial cables and switches.
  • An intranet server with an internal website has also been provided.
  • They are also considered as the backbone of the new Campus Network facility.
  • Wi-Fi facility is also provided to the department of Chemistry, Commerce, English, Physics, Management studies.

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